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Top 10 cities to visit in 2019​

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a wonderful example of Scandi. Modern lamps illuminate new Nordic tables, buzz bridges with cyclists and indigenous knives plunging into pristine waterways. In just over a decade, Copenhagen has moved from a dowry to a cooking center. The Danish capital claims at least 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, more than any other Scandinavian capital. In recent years, Sue chefs from many prominent kitchens have deployed their own suites, opening up a series of exciting new restaurants where culinary ingenuity comes with a more intuitive price. Throughout the city, a group of restaurants process pure organic products from their greenhouses, gardens and farms. Among them is the reincarnation of the renegade New Nordic Numa. Come inquisitive.

Shenzhen, China
Welcome to China's most innovative city - Shenzhen - the "Silicon Valley" of China. Launched from a large number of design openings and technological innovation, the designs go to Shenzhen, which is located across the border directly from Hong Kong in mainland China. Formerly known as a cheaper nightlife alternative to Hong Kong, Shenzhen now enjoys an independent scene of independent music, great cafes and a small selection of craft breweries and the entire new arts area created from the remnants of former warehouses.

Novi Sad, Serbia
Smooth and comfortable, Novi Sad races in the spotlight, challenges her standing in the second city and lives bravely to her title. The Serbian New Garden hosts the Xet Festival, whose twentieth edition coincides with the city's mission as the European Youth Capital of 2019. At the forefront of this revival is the city of Petrovaradin for the Lower Castle getting a facelift. The new Kradik Vest festival is pulsing with vibrant energy, energizing through music, film, theater and art, while Novi Sad prepares to wear another crown - the crown of the European Culture Capital of 2021.

Miami, USA
Known for its beautiful beaches and bustling nightlife, Miami has long attracted travelers looking for a slice of tropical paradise while the rest of North America shivers. Although the magical city is still making a good escape in the winter, the last few years have seen Miami become a thriving center of the arts, an innovative dining destination in urban design. Downtown Miami continues to be renewed with the arrival of a scientific museum celebrating $ 305 million, while the design area has become a cultural magnet with eye-catching new architecture (including the Garage Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Art), public art facilities and expanded new cultural programming.

Kathmandu, Nepal
In the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake, news reports from Kathmandu showed the city shattered and mourning, but today the narrative revolves around reconstruction and renovation. Sure, there is work to restore the magnificent monuments that collapsed during the disaster, but historical sites are being restored to their former glory, moves to calm the city's infamous traffic, smog and noise have made Kathmandu more lively than it was decades ago. There is even reliable electricity and Wi-Fi as creature comforts in the old city alleys that resemble the atmosphere and maze.

Mexico City, Mexico
The Mexican capital is experiencing centuries of architectural design and artistic movements. The pre-Hispanic buildings of Mexico come from the city's soft land while colonial cathedrals stand in fast and modern wonders such as the Sumaya Museum shining under the current sunlight. For these reasons, and more, Mexico City was named the global design capital in 2018 (Ciudad de Mexico) is the sixth and first city in the Americas that holds the title. With the rise of the creative class, it adopts the influence of centuries-old traditions, proving that design is an effective tool for economic, social and cultural development.

Dakar, Senegal
Dakar, one of Africa's most dynamic cities, offers a stunning blend of sun-drenched beaches, colorful markets and nightclubs fueled by soft drinks as light-clad celebrities emerge in the early morning light as the first call to prayer begins over tropical landscapes. Despite its myriad tourist attractions, Senegal's coastal capital has been overlooked by many travelers. All this is set to change as the city sets itself up as a new hub for travel in West Africa. Leading the way is the recent opening of a completely new international airport, a $ 600 million effort that was implemented more than 10 years ago.

Seattle, USA
Seattle is smart, progressive and full of creative energy, rarely out of the global spotlight. In a city that has traditionally turned local ideas into international brands, Amazon is considered a current headline. The world's largest online retailer has radically transformed a vast area of ​​the Denny Trinkel neighborhood, creating a dense commercial area of ​​elegant office towers that underpin a trio of innovative “bottles” where workers share office space with 40,000 factories. Nearby, the iconic Space Needle received its largest renovation in more than 50 years, while a multi-billion dollar tunnel was replaced on an ugly concrete highway on the waterfront.

Zadar, Croatia
Zadar increased the ashes of his war-torn past and thrived in a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Stroll through the old marble streets of the Old Town to discover great bars, cozy cafes, ancient Roman ruins, innovative museums and country-style restaurants. The real phoenix of Zadar transformation is the fascinating waterfront promenade, where dozens of locals gather to hear the magical beats of a sea member or sunbathe in the glamorous illuminations of the sun salute. Zadar small status instantly connects travelers to local life and culture, with any fears of indoor fear quickly dispelled by these Adriatic landscapes.

Meknes, Morocco
Quieter and smaller than its larger neighbors Fez, Meknes feels overshadowed by visitors and receives fewer visitors.However, it still houses all the narrow, winding streets of the city and the major buildings it deserves as an imperial city and home to the Moroccan Sultanate once. Sultan Moulay Ismail, architect of the great days of Meknes, may be a little upset with the city's current humility, but visitors will find much to be fascinated. The remains of at least three sets of fortifications, brilliantly integrated into the city's road networks, illustrate how important the city once was. The tomb of the king is located in the heart of the remains of the original imperial city, surrounded by the great royal grain store, the magnificent Bab el-Mansour - which you can not rival even his rival and the Hedim Square, the local miniature of the popular Djemaa el Fna square in Marrakech.

W brand opens its first hotel in Oman
27 August 2019
W Hotels Worldwide, part of Marriott International, today announced the opening of W Muscat, the latest beach destination within the W Escape portfolio, and the second in the Middle East this year. Unique to the majestic Hajar Mountains, W Muscat overlooks the vibrant waterfront of the capital, Muscat, at the intersection of the vibrant Qurum Beach area. Ideally, the hotel is adding W's exceptional philosophy of fun to the Sultanate's portfolio of beach destinations.

Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Manager at W World Hotels, said: “Muscat has many characteristics that make it a truly unique city. It embraces an ancient cultural heritage and opens its doors to all that is new and distinctive, making it the perfect choice for the W Hotels brand. The opening of the W Muscat marks a very important step for both our brand and the city of Muscat. The hotel offers a new creative vision of Omani design vocabulary and authentic culture, providing visitors with a modern haven of elegance and vitality in a way never seen before in the Sultanate.

“We are delighted to launch the first W Hotels in Oman with the long-awaited opening of W Muscat,” said Alex Kyriakidis, President and CEO of Marriott International in the Middle East and Africa. The hotel, which falls under the banner of "W" Escape, will be a distinct addition to our portfolio in the region, and will redefine the scene of hospitality in the Sultanate. Thanks to its delicate design and sensual ambience, I am confident that the hotel will become a favorite destination for experience lovers from across the region and the world.

Peter Waliknowski, CEO of Omran, said: “The opening of W Muscat reflects the strategic role we play in building sustainable tourism assets, sophisticated lifestyle complexes, and tourism destinations that will contribute significantly to the economic diversification process. Followed by the Sultanate of Oman.

Upscale experiences

W Muscat takes guests on a journey of exploration that draws on the Bedouins' original storytelling traditions with creative touches that embrace the unique design vocabulary of the hotel. From mountain ranges, desert areas, bays and charming azure beaches. The hotel's interspersed with creative touches of bright colors that mimic the city's vibrant culture, evoking its authentic traditional elements and ancient history in an inspiring setting. The hotel embodies a bold blend of authentic heritage and natural beauty, in line with W's signature signature brand.

At the entrance of the hotel is a giant sculpture of a 9-ton and 10-meter-long incense tree, created by renowned artist Bungstat Waiklang using 28 curved stainless steel pieces. This masterpiece celebrates the vocabulary of Omani culture, as incense is traditionally used to welcome tired travelers after their long journeys. Inspired by the traditional ingredients themselves, visitors are taken to the living room (the lobby of the W brand), where they can relax and unwind amidst their designs that emulate the traditional Arabian Council. The living room ceiling features a grand design of the elegant Omani pile, which is a major part of traditional Omani dress. The living room is the perfect destination for visitors who want to taste the finest iced teas or refreshing cocktails in an atmosphere of sophistication.

Rooms, suites and facilities

W Muscat boasts 279 rooms and suites, all of which offer unparalleled views of the clear azure waters of the Arabian Gulf and are uniquely inspired by the worlds of the ocean and the contrasting lines of mountain ranges, caves and deserts. These vocabulary contrasts with creative touches of Art Deco motifs inspired by authentic Omani charm. The corridors along the hotel floors are adorned with a unique artistic scent inspired by the concept of 'Every Girl Story', which recounts the feminine concept of the titles of power, love, peace and beauty through a series of three-dimensional art pieces created by local artists.

Extreme Wow (the traditional W Presidential Suite concept) features spacious designs that offer more sophisticated accommodation experiences, with innovative touches that combine authentic Arabic vocabulary with those of the W Hotels brand. In one corner, the suite features a traditional Arabian council with designs inspired by Zanzibar's ambience, with details derived from traditional Omani punch shapes, complete with a traditional coffee table that celebrates authentic Arabian coffee traditions. The roofs are decorated with tilted white panels that evoke the warm and relaxing atmosphere of traditional tents. The wing includes a leather chair similar to a horse saddle, a dark yellow table and leather walls with designs similar to horse or camel skins. In addition, the suite embraces several luggage compartments surrounded by a mix-bar refrigerator (the concept of a small refrigerator for the W brand), as well as a large wardrobe in the form of a large box, decorated with unique silk lines that simulate the traditional Bedouin atmosphere.

W Muscat boasts a huge 1,800 square meter beachfront swimming pool, with stunning views of the clear waters of the Gulf of Oman. It is part of W's unique W Hotels experience. Where you can spend the most wonderful time swimming, or enjoy the warm sunshine and savor the finest beverages distinctive to the beat of live music to the music coordinator. WITT is the best experience that offers guests a haven from the summer heat and allows them to enjoy the finest swimming experiences and various water activities. In October, W Muscat will host the W Hotels' fitness and wellness event, which will be a central part of WIT's experience. Fuel Weekend offers visitors the very best of celebrity-acclaimed sports programs, as well as a wide range of concerts, food and beverage shows that celebrate Detox's philosophy. Ritux. Ripit ”.

Away® Spa includes 10 treatment rooms, a steam bath and a hammam, as well as a couples' treatment room. Uniquely inspired by the charm of stars and planets, the center takes visitors on a journey under the glittering dome of the sky in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Away® Spa offers visitors a unique menu of treatments, along with a beauty salon and several quick treatment options, making it the perfect destination for guests looking to relax all day, or get a quick treatment in preparation for the finest evenings. In addition, guests can work out at the exclusive Fit Club with breathtaking sea views and state-of-the-art equipment, allowing visitors to experience the W's fitness concept.

Food and beverage destinations

W Muscat hosts the first Sidhartha Lounge by Buddha Bar in Oman. Located on the rooftop of the hotel, the destination will offer a selection of the finest dishes and beverages prepared according to the highest levels of craftsmanship and creativity that the brand is famous for. In addition to its stunning views of the coast of Crimea, the lobby includes two indoor and outdoor lounges, celebrating nomadic traditions through numerous creative design touches and artistic vocabulary. The lobby features a skyline pool with stunning sea views.

The hotel ensures that guests will spend the most wonderful times full of freshness and activity, while enjoying delicious beverages from the corner of the drinks located within the water. The Siddhartha Lounge moves from a relaxed daytime destination to a vibrant, fun and music center with sunset. The concept of the lobby draws inspiration from Raymond and Tarja Vesan, the creators of the George V Entertainment brand. The Siddhartha Lounge by Buda Bar promises visitors with a wide range of year-round events that focus on social activities, traditional electronic music and a selection of the finest creative beverages.

Harvest offers visitors a variety of light and fresh vegetarian dishes, as well as a range of healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is designed using local ingredients, including a special selection of roasted coffee in Oman. Inspired by authentic pearl fishing traditions, the restaurant is decorated with silver beads. The Char restaurant offers a whole new definition of traditional barbecue restaurants with a wide variety of delicious dishes. The restaurant features bold designs that embody one of Oman's traditional dhows, with a range of lighted ropes that adorn the ceiling and side lights that perfectly simulate the sea. Last but not least, Ba Pan celebrates the classic Shanghai atmosphere of the 1930s, named after the traditional Chinese style of opera-like music. It features a style that combines Chinese aesthetic vocabulary with modern oriental character. The menu is full of dishes from across China, reflecting the essence of Shanghai from pre-revolutionary to the present. From a Beijing-style duck dish rather than a dim sum and egg pancakes, this upscale restaurant evokes memories of “life near The Bond Square” and draws inspiration from the city's traditional alleys.

At the World Luxury Resorts and Restaurants Awards held in St. Petersburg
Salt Restaurant at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Resort wins 4 international awards

20 August 2019
The Salt Restaurant at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Resort has won four prestigious awards at the World Luxury Resorts and Restaurants Awards in St. Petersburg, Russia.

More than 200 people attended the glittering ceremony, representing 90 countries, 450 spas and 270 restaurants from around the world. Salt is renowned for its high quality seafood, which has earned it four prizes in four categories: “Luxury Seafood Restaurant”, “Diverse International Restaurant”, “Romantic Restaurant” and “Luxury Restaurant”.

“We are proud to receive four prestigious awards for Salt at the prestigious international resort and restaurant awards,” said Savino Leone, General Manager of Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Resort. We would like to thank all our guests for their continued support, trust and vote. "It is a great achievement and I am proud to congratulate the whole team for their passion and dedication."

These awards reflect our unremitting efforts to provide quality services and express the dedication of the hotel staff to provide a unique service and exceptional experience for all our guests. The World Travel Awards are voted by experts and travel professionals worldwide.

The awards are also attended by senior officials from major tourist destinations and travel and tourism companies. The awards reflect Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Resort's commitment to excellence and the dedication of its staff over the past year.

Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Resort enjoys a unique location within a secluded area, only 10 minutes away from Kuwait International Airport and close to the Central Business District and the most important landmarks in the Kuwaiti capital.

The beach resort consists of 316 rooms and suites, 80 residential suites and 12 luxury villas. Extensive facilities to host conferences and celebrations, the most important of which is the Badria Wedding Hall which covers an area of ​​1.950 square meters.

Family Tourism Occupies Doha hotels during Eid
16 August 2019
During the Eid Al-Adha holiday, Doha hotels recorded high occupancy rates in their various facilities, as a large number of Qatari and resident families visited their hotels, restaurants and health clubs, taking advantage of the various offers launched by guest houses to attract the largest number of guests. Rami Al-Ja'bari, General Manager of Amari Doha Hotel, said that the quality of family tourism witnessed during the Eid Al-Adha holiday reflected positively on its performance and occupancy rates in various facilities, especially in the health club which is considered the best in Doha and the most demanded, due to the Thai services and authentic treatments. Provided by the most skilled experts. Al Jabari pointed out that the Eid holiday this year was a successful success, and that the occupancy rates of rooms also reached more than 60%; where the demand by the families increased significantly, and hotel facilities such as various restaurants have achieved a remarkable demand; «Amari Doha» during the Eid and in the summer season.
He stressed that the hotel is keen on the presence, participation and support for all events organized by the National Tourism Council, which contribute to the revitalization of local tourism and activate the work of guest houses, restaurants and all other service facilities.
Ravenna Marwa, Public Relations Manager at Fereej Al Sharq Doha Hotel and Resort, said that the latter recorded growth in performance during the Eid Al-Adha holiday, as the East witnessed intense movement by families and individuals, whether in rooms, restaurants, health club and associated water facilities; He pointed out that the Qatari families constituted the largest percentage of guests, in addition to families residing Arab and foreign, pointing out that the hotel provided a lot of activities and entertainment activities, in addition to offers on the various rooms and facilities that attracted visitors remarkably.
Marwa stressed that Eid is an important season for the hotel sector in Qatar, where citizens want to spend their vacation in Doha and the use of local recreational facilities, because of the amenities and entertainment provided; hotel facilities are a suitable destination for families and individuals providing them with all the needs of entertainment games and festive atmosphere Featured.
Martin Schneider, Managing Director of Mandarin Oriental Doha, said that the hotel's occupancy rates are very good during the Eid Al-Adha holiday. The hotel has attracted many local visitors and tourists from all over the world. The Corniche is in the heart of Doha, noting that the hotel's performance and turnout have been excellent this season.
The Director General pointed out that this growth is a result of the special offers launched by the hotel during the Eid period, stressing that the permanent cooperation with the National Tourism Council has a great positive impact on the entire tourism sector; as all the events organized by the most recent festival «Summer in Qatar» Contributed to the revitalization of local tourism and attract visitors to Doha from the countries of the region and the world.

Algerian tourists sweep through border crossings towards Tunisia
13 August 2019
On the second and third days of Eid al-Adha, the eight northeastern border posts, were recorded in the provinces of Tebessa and Souk Ahras, especially El-Taref. Thousands of Algerian tourists flocked in mid-August and after the Eid al-Adha occasion to go for summer holidays in Tunisian tourist vehicles.

A source from the Umm al-Tabool center in the wilayat of El-Tarif said that the center witnessed the largest arrival since the beginning of summer, despite the system of cars queues that make the flow of tourists smooth and can not prefer travelers or tourists over another, admitted by those who arrived at the center of Umm al-Tabool.

The same source told Al-Shorouk that the arrival in Tunisia has decreased significantly since last Friday before Eid al-Adha and continued until the first day of Eid al-Adha. Algerian citizens, just as they did last season, are all families, especially from the center of the country from Algiers, Tizi Ouzou, Blida and Medea.

Since the second day of Eid, the center has known 24 hours of continuous movement in an atmosphere of calm and order. Passengers do not leave the car from their families and the driver provides passports as he moves his car in front of police and customs kiosks before entering the border area on his side. Tunisian, where payment of the exit permit, which is 500 dirhams and currency notes or bank document proving his possession of foreign currency legally in Algeria, is monitored while the Tunisian side controls the car insurance paper internationally.

Tunisian tourist hotels in this period, ie during the second half of August, do not offer any discounts, yet they are chosen by the majority of Algerians who go in particular to the cities of Hammamet and Sousse and, to a lesser extent, to the city of Tabarka, adjacent to the city of El Kala.

On the other hand, Tunisians continue to flock to Algerian border posts on a journey from various markets in the east of the country, especially El Eulma, Setif, the markets of the municipalities of Oum El Bouaghi and the commercial centers of Constantine. This is in preparation for school entry, where their demand for school supplies and children's clothing is high.

Approximately 80% of Aqaba hotel reservations
12 August 2019
The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities took measures to encourage Jordanians to visit tourist destinations and local archaeological sites during the Eid al-Adha holiday.

Sharqeel Madi, Tourism and Economic Affairs Commissioner in Aqaba Special Economic Authority said that the percentage of hotel reservations in Aqaba city on Sunday, the first day of Eid al-Adha, reached 75% -80%. Madi told Kingdom that he expects hotel reservations in Aqaba to rise to 85% -90% during the second and third days of Eid al-Adha. "The city of Aqaba is experiencing good traffic, but as a result of rising temperatures, some people are reluctant to visit Aqaba sometimes," Madi said. The trade activity in Aqaba was good last week ... We hope that the increase in the number of tourists to Aqaba will contribute positively to the economic and tourism movement and all sectors in it, "the official said.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has taken measures to encourage Jordanians to visit tourist destinations and archaeological sites in the country, in addition to attracting more visitors to Jordan, during the Eid al-Adha holiday, which runs until the end of Wednesday. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism, Issa Gammoh, told the Kingdom that the measures would "ensure a special holiday" to receive citizens and tourists in various governorates, and to support and encourage domestic tourism. "The preparations included the promotion of hygiene services in tourist facilities, tourist services in visitor centers, and services indicative of tourism, in addition to exempting citizens from the entry fees of the city of Petra for the Eid holiday, which amounted to one dinar per person," adds Qomoh, expecting a turnout from citizens. Through the Jordanna Jannah program, the ministry aims to encourage as many Jordanians as possible to spend the holiday in "distinct tourist destinations covered by the program (supported) by 40% of the cost of food, drink, accommodation and free transport via modern tourist buses.

Domestic Tourism

“The Jordanian family can visit the most beautiful tourist and archaeological sites and eat traditional meals and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere in these destinations, which also provide accommodation services in a range of eco-hotels and tourist camps at affordable prices for all,” says the Secretary General of the Ministry. Amjad al-Shibli prefers to visit Aqaba or tour the northern governorates, attributing the high cost of tourism outside Jordan. "Tourism at home is cheaper under the economic situation ... especially for those with children," says Shibli, who does not prefer to travel for many days. The Ministry launched a smart application of the program that includes all the details related to services and prices and to facilitate the procedures of inquiry, booking and payment, "in an important step to develop the program of revitalizing domestic tourism." "The e-program application tops smart phone platforms, with 20371 downloads, while the number of citizens benefiting from the program exceeds 30,000 ... The toll-free number 91040 is allocated to mobile phones for free inquiry, booking, feedback and complaints ..." The ministry said in May that the budget allocated to the Tourism Promotion Authority has increased from 9 million dinars to 17 million dinars, adding that it continues to implement programs to promote domestic tourism supported, expand the segment of beneficiaries, as well as continue to develop new tourism patterns such as ecotourism and tourism Adventure, health tourism and hospitalization and attract conferences.

Foreign Tourism

Despite government efforts, Shaher Hamdan, board member of the Jordan Travel and Tourism Agents Association, believes that some foreign destinations are still favored by some during the Eid holiday, "especially Turkey, which is favored by many Jordanian tourists." "Outbound tourism is more active than inland. For example, reservations to Turkey are many, in all its cities, favored by a majority of Jordanians, and even some travel and tourism offices have requested additional aircraft to serve the large numbers going there," Hamdan told the kingdom. "There is a trend towards inbound tourism, especially to the Golden Triangle, Petra, Aqaba, and Wadi Rum, which are in the top three, but this interest is not as usual in previous years." Saleh, one of the citizens planning to go on holiday to Turkey, says he is disrupting the country because "the costs are acceptable." "In Turkey, there are spas, water games and other things for children ... I think Jordanian and other Arab tourists prefer Turkey because of the similarity in tradition and food," Saleh said.


On the lack of choice for tourism at home, Saleh pointed to "the lack of most tourist areas inside Jordan for some services," adding that "offers by tourist offices to Turkey make their costs close to domestic tourism." Hamdan talked about the challenges facing domestic tourism. "There are inbound tourism bookings in tourist offices, but they are not as many as we want ... Sometimes we do not have qualified buses, so some offices resort to using fully qualified buses," says Hamdan. “Some of the tourist attractions in Jordan suffer from a lack of interest, compared to others, and do not have all the basic services and attractive materials for tourism ... We must promote the values ​​of domestic tourism and respect the places we visit, and stay away from the wrong behaviors during their visit.

Directors: Qatar Airways' offerings attract large numbers of fans
Major hotels fully booked for the 2019 athletics tournament
11 August 2019
Managers at major hotels in Doha, confirmed that the coming months will see a distinctive occupation, especially with the launch of the 17th edition of the World Championships in 2019 in Doha between 27 September and 6 October. The arrival of more than 3,500 athletes, coaches and officials to Doha, as well as thousands of fans, will be reflected in the performance and occupancy rates of Doha hotels in particular, and service facilities in the country in general. He pointed out that some hotels are fully booked for the tournament, especially those located near the Khalifa Stadium, which will be held at the tournament.
Qatar Airways' exclusive offers on airline tickets to Doha - being the national airline partner of the tournament after sponsoring an agreement with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) - will attract a large number of athletics fans from around the world, they told Al Arab. The world; what will achieve a great renaissance in the work of the hospitality and tourism sectors at the same time.
Sherif Sabri, Director General of Doha's Al Shoula Hotel, confirmed that the latter works by virtue of its position on permanent coordination with the concerned authorities, which intend to host international sports tournaments and events. He pointed out that the «torch» is fully reserved for the athletics championship 2019, which will be held during the period between 27 September and 6 October next; what promises to do more than excellent. He explained that Qatar Airways' exclusive offers for this tournament will attract large numbers of fans of stronger games, along with 3500 athletes, coaches and officials; suggesting that the next season will be active and feasible.
Wael Al Sharif, General Manager of Al Azizia Boutique Doha, confirmed that the hotel is fully booked for the athletics tournament, which starts in September and will last until October 6, 2019, expecting an active performance for all hotel facilities. Qatar Airways' exclusive offerings for the tournament will also attract a significant number of fans from the region and the world, who will stay in the Qatari guesthouses and experience their diversity.
The Director General pointed out that hosting and organizing sporting events in Doha of any kind contributes significantly to raising the occupancy rates of hotels, restaurants and service facilities. He pointed out that the sporting events held throughout the year support the performance of hotels and raise the occupancy rate to high levels.
Qatar Airways has signed a sponsorship agreement with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to become the national aviation partner for the 17th edition of the Doha World Athletics Championships, which will take place from 27 September to 6 October.
The tournament, which will be held for the first time in the Middle East, will bring together more than 3,500 athletes, coaches and officials from 213 countries from around the world, becoming the largest sporting tournament ever hosted in the Middle East. Qatar Airways announced its intention to offer exclusive offers and discounts on tickets to visit Qatar, giving sports fans from all over the world the chance to enjoy the world's most powerful athletics championships.

Dubai is the most visited city in the world by 2025
10 August 2019
Dubai Tourism Vision 2025 aims to become the most visited city in the world, attracting more than 23 million visitors annually by 2025. British World Exposition said that part of this figure will consist of businessmen and exhibitors, stressing that hosting the emirate Expo 2020 will play a role in achieving the ambitious tourism vision. Earlier this year, the Dubai Events and Conferences Office announced that it had won the bid to host international events including the Middle East Ophthalmology Council (AMCO) Conference 2020, Geospatial Week 2021, the World Intellectual Property Conference and the 2025 Real Estate Conference.

The Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) is another major player supporting the Dubai Tourism Vision 2025.It recently announced an annual increase in the number of visitors to its events by 4%, in 2018, with the participation of 54.7 thousand exhibitors from 162 countries. The conferences, to be hosted by the Dubai World Trade Center between 2019 and 2022, are expected to provide an economic boost of 700 million dirhams ($ 190 million). In a related context, the «Economic Times», said that Dubai's ambitions and experience make even the biggest dreams a reality, so that the city has become a destination for family fun.

The most popular tourist and leisure destinations in Dubai include the Motion Gate Dubai Park, which features games and attractions inspired by the most important and most successful films filmed in recent years, as well as the LEGO Land Park, which is full of activities and flooded with bright colors. Land in the region, the seventh in the world, and includes six areas of different designs and more than forty interactive tours and tourist landmark, not to mention the water park «Aquaventure» The water city occupies a special place in the Middle East with all its unique games and slides spread over 17 hectares Of excitement, which guarantees each visitor a unique experience unmatched.

Egypt hotels full number during the Eid al - Adha
10 August 2019
Cairo, Alexandria, Sahel, Matrouh 100%, Hurghada 85% and Sharm 80%
Astronomical prices for hotel rooms .. 15 thousand pounds per night in the north coast and 8 thousand in Alexandria a great boom witnessed by Egyptian tourism during the summer months, especially Eid al-Adha celebrations described by experts and specialists as unprecedented even in the peak year 2010, which witnessed the largest occupancy rates in the history of Egyptian tourism . This unprecedented boom is not only unprecedented in occupancy rates, but in the high prices of hotels, villages and tourist resorts, where it reached in the areas of the North Coast to numbers per night we can say that it is astronomical.

This is a good indicator of the return of Egyptian tourism to its natural place it deserves as a unique and unique tourist destination compared to other countries that compete with Egypt and do not enjoy what Egypt enjoys from all types of tourism. Experts and specialists confirmed that for the first time new destinations enter the Egyptian destination to double the incoming traffic from abroad, but they stressed that there is a decrease in the number of German tourists, although the German market is one of the most important markets exported to Egypt and achieved the highest rate of incoming traffic during the last year 2018 They stressed that the reason for the decline is the lack of good marketing and adequate publicity for the Egyptian destination in the German market commensurate with its large position, which caused the decline in the German destination in different Egyptian regions.

He called on experts in charge of marketing and promotion of the Egyptian destination to intensify advertising campaigns in the German market and in other exporting markets for tourism to Egypt. In Hurghada, businessman and tourism expert Sameh Howeidaq, a member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Tourism Chambers, said that August is a good month in occupancy rates, reaching more than 85%. It does not exceed 10%, although the percentage of Arabs is very small. Although the occupancy rates are good, they are less than the same period compared to last year, he said. This may be due to the decline in German bookings from last year. He denied that the reason is the increase in prices. . He pointed out that there is an increase in the English and Polish market as well as other nationalities.

In Sharm El Sheikh, businessman and tourism expert Tamer Makram, chairman of the Sharm El Sheikh Investors Association, said occupancy rates in Sharm el Sheikh hotels increased to more than 80% during August and Eid al-Adha holidays, much better than the same period last year. Italians and increasing the Ukrainian and Kazakh market as well as the presence of a large proportion of Arabs, especially Lebanese, Saudis, Jordan and Egyptians to spend holidays. In Alexandria, tourism expert Ali Al-Mounsterly said that tourism is witnessing an unprecedented boom in all governorates of Egypt, not even in the peak year of 2010. The occupancy rate of Alexandria hotels is 100% of Egyptians and Arabs. This is normal during the summer season and with Eid Al-Adha holidays. Blessed. Al-Munsterly confirmed that Alexandria hotels over the past two years are the highest prices in the governorates of Egypt, where the room rate of five-star hotels is 8 thousand pounds per night. In the North Coast, the occupancy rate of hotels is 100% of Egyptians and Arabs, and the room rate in some hotels amounted to 15 thousand pounds per night, in the new city of El Alamein and Sidi Abdel Rahman the room rate reached 8 thousand pounds per night and in some villas to be rented the price of the villa rental 190 thousand pounds per night.

In Marsa Matrouh, Al-Munsterly confirmed that the occupancy rates in hotels are 100% during the summer and Eid months. Prices range between 700 and 3500 pounds per night. In Cairo and Giza hotels, hotel occupancy rates are 100% of Egyptians and Arabs who prefer to spend the Eid holiday in Cairo. Prices range from 2500 to 3,000 LE per night. Tourism expert Tamer Nabil, a member of the Red Sea Tourism Investment Association, said that the occupancy rates of Hurghada hotels reach more than 90% of all European nationalities. Although there is a clear shortage of the German market compared to last year, it is likely that the reason for the lack of advertising campaigns, for example the Ukrainian and Belarusian markets there is no publicity at all about Egypt and we investors bear at our own expense The propaganda in all new markets and the reason is due to the absence of a work plan for the Tourism Promotion Authority, pointing to the existence of a joint marketing plan, announced by the Federation of Tourist Chambers and has not been.

Hotel deals attract Gulf tourism during the Eid holiday
10 August 2019
Hotels in the UAE resorted to extend summer offers on hotel nights during the Eid al-Adha holiday, which runs from 10 to 13 August next, which gives residents, citizens and tourists from different countries of the world, specifically from the GCC countries, spend this holiday at discounted prices . A survey conducted by «Gulf» on hotel bookings in the UAE, that hotels have maintained their prices to spend hotel nights during the period of Eid al-Adha, so that the offers launched in the summer to extend the days of Eid also, which contributed to attract tourists from nearby regional markets such as countries Gulf.
Some hotels are likely to start raising rates by varying rates on Eid nights, if demand soars during this period, with beach and resort hotels and hotels near shopping malls expected to rise. The hotel offers discounts and discounts on hotel nights, to attract the largest segment of visitors, especially for family tourism, which coincides with the festive season of «Eid al-Adha in Dubai», and entertainment events in shopping centers, fireworks shows and others. The country is expected to witness an active tourism movement especially from visitors from the GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait, as well as visitors from Asia, Europe and the region.
Sources pointed out that the length of the Eid al-Adha holiday in Saudi Arabia, which is up to 12 days, will drive Saudis to travel abroad, especially to nearby tourist destinations such as the UAE, which provides a diverse tourist product, where hotels and tourism companies in the country, has seen active bookings from the Saudi market , Expecting to rise in the coming days. Gulf tourism always plays a vital role in increasing hotel occupancy levels in Dubai during the holidays and long holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, where data from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing showed that the number of Gulf visitors coming to Dubai during the Eid holiday, about 171.3 thousand visitors, Hotels in the emirate received 43.5 thousand guests from Saudi Arabia within a week.

Moroccan demand for hotels and tourist villages in Eid
10 August 2019
Traffic on the road between Marrakech and the mountainous tourist village of Imlil has not eased, as families seek to spend the feast in the valleys spread on the banks of the valley, away from the high heat in the cities. Mohamed Ait Hussein, an actor in the Gaza Strip, confirms that many families come to the village on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, where they bring their sacrifices to the area, where their families provide them with a unique atmosphere that does not make them feel far from their homes.

It is expected to support tourism activity in, where families will accept hotels, resorts and beach cities, which is prepared by the actors in the tourism sector, where they compete to propose offers evoke the occasion of Eid. Eid coincides with the arrival of Moroccan expatriates in the Kingdom, where a large part of them are expected to celebrate the feast of their cities, but some will accept hotels and resorts in the coastal cities and the city of Marrakech, which attracts a quarter of tourists annually.

American Airlines enters Africa via a direct line to Morocco
09 August 2019
American Airlines announced its intention to open to the African continent for the first time next summer, launching a seasonal direct line to Morocco via Philadelphia International Airport towards the Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca. The direct line will be officially inaugurated on June 4, 2020, until September 8, on a Boeing 757 three times a week, making it the only US company to offer this service in Morocco and the continent.

American Airlines has not announced the fares it will apply for this flight, which will be in the summer, which is seeing a growing demand from the North American Moroccan community to visit the country. In addition to the Moroccan route, the US company will also open a seasonal direct route from Dallas Fort and Root Airport to Tel Aviv from September 2020, and another from Chicago to Poland, Budapest and Prague between May and the end of October 2020.

"Our customers and team members are wondering when to start serving Africa, and I can only announce that this will be from next year," said Vasu Raja, vice president of planning and scheduling at American Airlines. "We are excited to work with Royal Air Maroc when it joins the one-world airline alliance in January, which will enable the creation of other airlines to Africa, to the cities of Marrakech, Lagos and Accra," said Raja.

Several years ago, a number of Moroccan immigrants in the United States and Canada launched an electronic petition calling for North American airlines, led by American Airlines, to launch a direct air route linking Morocco. American Airlines offers 6,800 daily flights to more than 365 destinations in 61 countries around the world, from its hubs in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Venice and Washington, and carries 200 million passengers annually.

Gulf Hotel - Bahrain's leading tourism and hospitality industry for 50 years
08 August 2019
Under the patronage of Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, in the presence of the Chairman, members of the Board of Directors, CEO of the Gulf Hotels Group, members of the Executive Management of the Gulf Hotel, as well as many prominent figures in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Gulf Hotel held a large ceremony at the Gulf Convention Center This January celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Gulf Hotel.

The Gulf Hotel opened in 1969 and has since become a model for the leading hotel in the tourism and hospitality industry in Bahrain. It retains its position as a first class 5 star hotel in the Arabian Gulf region over five decades. The surrounding area has changed completely, the staff has changed, and some of the hotel's buildings have changed, but the hospitality, service excellence, and popularity has remained constant over the years. Over the past five decades, Gulf Hotel has been developing its services and upgrading its capabilities to achieve its vision of providing the highest levels of service and achieving the highest quality standards in all services provided by providing true hospitality and sincere welcome to all hotel guests and guests, and achieving the highest customer satisfaction rates.

In 2019, Gulf Hotel was dedicated to celebrate the golden jubilee of the hotel, through the establishment of many distinctive events, and special offers by the hotel to its guests, guests and customers, to share the audience, which was the secret of the hotel's success in the celebrations of the hotel on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Gulf Hotel.

Bahrain - Hotel sector rebounds 100% on Eid
08 August 2019
The tourism and leisure sector is one of the vital sectors given by the Economic Development Board of the Kingdom of Bahrain to attract more investments and achieve economic diversification. The tourism sector contributes 6.9% to the GDP of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The number of visitors and increased leisure activities. The hotel sector plays a major role in the growth of the tourism sector in the country. Managers expected some hotels sector to recover and register during the week of Eid al-Adha this year with occupancy rates of up to 100%, especially with the influx of Gulf and foreign tourists from various GCC countries, mainly due to the length of the holiday during the Eid al-Adha, which will support the sectors of hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping complexes and facilities Various hospitality.

Turnout 100%

Islam Fouad, Director of Marketing and Sales Department at Fawzeen Hotel, said that there is a significant recovery in the hotel sector in conjunction with the approaching Eid Al-Adha, where the occupancy rate of rooms in the hotel is expected to reach 100% during the Eid days that will last 5 days, due to the high demand Tourists from the Gulf countries to visit Bahrain such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, the hotel has organized several events, most importantly live for children on the beach on the second day of Eid, in addition to several other activities in the children's club, there are also beautiful shows and programs in the rooms.

Family Programs

The manager of the Regency Hotel Mohamed Sanad said that the occupancy rate of rooms is more than 80% with the approach of Eid and the increase in the proportion of bookings, from the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, as well as special programs for the holiday, where this year is predominantly family with a focus on children's activities, where we provided A special section to receive children, with games and gifts, and we have dedicated a large lounge where all the children's and mental games and entertainment, and cartoon characters to play with children, and a children's cinema, while providing activities and games for children around the pool with a special buffet of pizza and BBQ, where there will be a special dinner for Eid Saturday to Tuesday and Jade Arab and other Italian cuisine. Sanad pointed out that the long holiday is a double-edged sword because there is an opportunity for families to travel to European countries, Turkey and Egypt, and at the same time an opportunity for Gulf Arabs to travel to Bahrain.

Wonderful entertainment

The general manager of Sofitel Zallaq Bahrain Mehdi Hanayen pointed out that the hotel occupancy rate will be high during the Eid days with the arrival of many guests from Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries and is expected to reach 80%, where Eid celebrations will start in the five-star restaurant Saraya With a lavish Eid lunch, with many entertaining passages for young and old, including singing by the talented Lebanese artist Robert. "There will also be a lot of great surprises during the first, second and third days of Eid, and Eid nights will also be special at the Sofitel Bahrain. The hotel will host a spectacular Arabic concert at Bashwat Restaurant on the first, second and third days of Eid with great Arabic entertainment. By Robert and a sumptuous Arabic dinner filled with delicious food and desserts, the hotel will also offer special room deals during Eid days, which will start from an exclusive price of BD 99 and include a luxurious sea view room and a breakfast buffet for 2 at Saraya Restaurant. Date August 9. Eng De that Sofitel Hotel Bahrain also contains Talasa C only Spa in the Middle East and provides guests with a private sea water treatments, and during the holiday period will offer spa many great offers to its visitors including distinctive bouquets of therapeutic.

Tourism boom

Bahrain is witnessing an increase in the rate of accommodation for tourists from 2.8 nights to 3.1 nights, which indicates that tourism in Bahrain has become more than the weekend, in addition to the increase in total tourism spending in Bahrain by 30% with a total spending of 449 million Bahraini, where The figures reveal important growth indicators in the tourism sector. During the past three years, the Kingdom of Bahrain has succeeded in increasing the contribution of the tourism sector to the GDP from 3.5% to 6.9% of the non-oil GDP, which is higher than that recorded in the countries of the region. The value of tourism infrastructure projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain has reached more than US $ 13 billion, according to the Economic Development Board of Bahrain, where public and private sector investment in 14 projects to support the growth of the tourism and leisure sector in the Kingdom. The tourism and leisure sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain is experiencing momentum of growth at various levels, but the largest growth has been noticeable in the number of tourists, which increases the importance of developing the tourism sector to contribute further to the development and support of the economic diversification of the Kingdom. Investments include hotels, new shopping malls, medical tourism projects, mixed-use real estate projects including leisure centers, restaurants and waterfronts, as well as a US $ 1.1 billion Bahrain International Airport expansion project to increase the capacity to 14 million passengers per year upon completion in 2020.

Millennium Hotels & Resorts is driving the growth of the Saudi hospitality sector
08 August 2019
Millennium Hotels & Resorts Middle East & Africa, one of the fastest growing hotel companies in the region, is leading the Saudi hospitality sector with ambitious plans to open new hotels across the Kingdom in a rich portfolio of hotel brands. The plan includes the opening of six new hotels in Makkah, Madinah, Tabuk, Jizan and Al Baha, in addition to the newly opened Millennium Hotel Makkah Al Naseem and Copthorne Makkah Al Naseem. The plan aims to strengthen the Millennium Hotels and Resorts portfolio and its presence within the hospitality sector in the Kingdom. Hospitality sector.

Millennium Hotels & Resorts is witnessing a huge growth in the tourism, hospitality and travel sectors through its plans that are in line with Vision 2030 to diversify the Kingdom's economic resources. And demand and growing. Kevork Daldlian, Chief Operating Officer, Millennium Hotels & Resorts Middle East & Africa, said: “We are committed to our expansion strategy in Saudi Arabia, which will cover all regions of the Kingdom, and we are currently opening new hotels in the next two years in many areas and are seeking to become such landmarks. In various Saudi cities.
"The Millennium brand has a deep understanding of the heritage and culture of the Middle East. The Millennium portfolio includes many hotels and resorts that adhere to the principles of Islamic Sharia, resorts and business hotels, and we always keep in mind that the concept of the hotel takes into account its surroundings and key markets." Earlier this year, Millennium Hotels & Resorts Middle East & Africa (MENA) launched an ambitious program that aims to increase the employment of Saudi nationals in the hospitality sector. The program supports ambitious local talent in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Recruit local talent and empower participants to lead efforts to develop a sustainable economy in the region.

Operations Excellence Certificate awarded by InterContinental Jordan
07 August 2019
AMMAN - InterContinental Jordan has received a new award from the InterContinental Hotels Group in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, being the best of all its hotels in terms of excellence in its operations.
The Operations Excellence Certificate is new in its kind, assessing certain issues, including guest experience, guest loyalty, and quality assessment.
This certification is a testament to the efforts of our hotel colleagues to provide an unparalleled service and experience to guests and earn their loyalty and satisfaction.

Rixos Hotels celebrates Eid Al Adha with exclusive offers
06 August 2019
Rixos Hotels has announced a range of exclusive offers to celebrate the Eid Al Adha holiday for the whole family, including a free half-board upgrade, discounts on spa services and a beauty salon, and free passes to the most popular and popular sights.

Rixos Premium Dubai
The hotel is ideally located for a wonderful holiday in Eid, with glass walls giving you a great view of the city. The hotel is ideally located for a wonderful holiday in Eid, with glass walls giving you a magnificent view of the charming Arabian Gulf, and exclusive opportunities to spend time on the beach. Eid dishes, when booking from August 8 to 16, for a stay of at least 2 nights, starting from AED 935. As for entertainment on Eid nights, the hotel offers two tickets to the “La Perle” show for free, to enjoy the mysterious story of La Perle, the outstanding performance of talented artists in a unique experience, as well as a free transfer to the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites
Located in Palm Jumeirah surrounded by bright beaches and beautiful blue waters, guests can book from August 8 to 16 for prices starting from AED 1,000, free upgrade from bed and breakfast to half board, free meals for children up to 12 years, 20% discount on treatments Spa, 20% discount on hair treatments at Anjana Salon.

Rixos Saadiyat Island
Guests are offered the opportunity to celebrate Eid on the shores of Saadiyat Island Beach on Yas Island with free admission for children, at the first 5-star all-inclusive resort in Abu Dhabi.When booking a minimum stay of 3 nights from 8 to 16 August, visitors receive 4 complimentary entry tickets Louvre, plus 2 passes to Al Watan Palace and 2 Yas Island theme parks for 1 day free of charge, with 2 gift cards for children under 11, starting from AED 1,546, for a minimum stay of 3 nights.

In support of local tourism .. “OMRAN” launches “hospitality Atana”
05 August 2019
Following the launch of the 'Atana Hospitality Salalah' Hotel, Omran opens 'Hospitality Atana' with renewed hospitality facilities and services
The new hotel will support the growth of local tourism in the Sultanate and contribute to the employment of local cadres in the hospitality industry
Continuing efforts to promote local tourism in the Sultanate of Oman, Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) inaugurated the 'Atana Al Ashkhara Hotel'. The opening ceremony was held yesterday evening under the patronage of HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Mustahil bin Salem Shammas, Governor of South Eastern Province and in the presence of a number of officials from the executive management of Omran Company, government officials and concerned authorities. The hotel will start receiving visitors from August 1, 2019.
The inauguration of Atana Al Ashkhara Guest House coincides with the recent inauguration of Atana Salalah Hospitality as part of Omran's role in promoting local tourism and developing various hotel assets that contribute to the diversification of tourism experiences in the country.

The hotel has 46 hotel rooms that reflect a unique concept of hospitality by highlighting the natural and cultural elements of Al-Sharqiyah and the South-Eastern province in general. The hotel facilities include a range of facilities designed in a way that integrates authenticity with modern life to provide a rich experience for visitors.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mustahil Salem Al Shammas, Governor of South Eastern Province, said: “We congratulate Omran on the completion of this outstanding project and its important role in the renovation and development of youth hostels in Al Ashkhara and turn it into a modern hotel facility bearing the Atana hospitality brand. The hotel has a national tourism strategy that aims to stimulate domestic tourism through various initiatives and projects in various regions of the Sultanate. ”

He added: “Al Ashkhara is a unique tourist destination because of its tourist attractions reflecting the natural diversity of the Sultanate in general and the South Governorate in particular, where it is famous for its exceptional beaches overlooking the Arabian Sea, making it an ideal tourist destination for visitors wishing to explore Oman. Different angle. ”

“As part of our endeavors to create unique hospitality experiences to enhance local tourism, today we are delighted with the launch of the Atana Al Ashra Guest House as a place where guests can relax and enjoy various experiences,” said Peter Waliknowski, CEO of Omran.

“Omran is proud to complete the development plan of the Atana Hospitality and Salalah Atana hotels at a rapid pace, while ensuring high quality during the renovation phase. We are also pleased to collaborate with stakeholders and the local community in the Eastern Province, where Omran is currently supporting Al Ashkhara Municipality to develop the public walkway to serve as an outlet for the local community and visitors. ”

He concluded: “In terms of enhancing local value added, the Omanisation of Atana Al Ashra is currently 73% at various levels down to senior management, including the position of Hotel Manager.”

Located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, the hotel will contribute to stimulating the tourist experiences of visitors such as beach activities, as well as cruises and cultural tours, offering options to meet the needs of the diverse guests of individual travelers and families. The Soul

It is worth mentioning that Omran started the development works of the hotels "Atana Hospitality Salalah" and "Hospitality Atana Al Ashkhara" - formerly known as youth hostels in Salalah and Al Ashkhara - at an accelerated pace after they were transferred from the Ministry of Tourism to the company last year.

Atana Hospitality is one of the emerging brands of the prestigious Atana Hotels & Resorts chain, which was established by Omran and launched as a hotel brand at both the Atana Khasab Hotel and the Atana Musandam Resort in 2014.

Accor International opens the new Novotel Bur Dubai
05 August 2019
Accor International has announced the opening of the all-new Novotel Bur Dubai in Dubai Healthcare City, bringing the total number of Accor hotels to 58 in the UAE. The Novotel Bur Dubai comprises 219 rooms and suites, as well as a wide range of wellness treatments and leisure activities. According to a press release, the opening of the new hotel is ideally located in Dubai Healthcare City within walking distance. Accor International has announced the opening of the all-new Novotel Bur Dubai in Dubai Healthcare City, bringing the total number of Accor hotels to 58 in the UAE.

The Novotel Bur Dubai comprises 219 rooms and suites, as well as a wide range of wellness treatments and leisure activities. According to a press release, the opening of the new hotel is ideally located in Dubai Healthcare City, a short walk from the Dubai Creek and Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station. The hotel will also provide a shuttle service to shopping malls, beaches and popular tourist destinations in Dubai. Bruno Fischer, General Manager, Novotel Bur Dubai, said: “We are committed to providing guests with the highest level of modern hospitality with a full service center around individual and personal experiences.

Saudi Arabia is the first project of its kind in the region
05 August 2019
Aman Hotels & Resorts plans to open a hotel in Saudi Arabia, in the northwest of the Kingdom, where it will be the first project of its kind in the Middle East. The Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate announced on Monday that it has signed an agreement with Aman Hotels & Resorts to develop three hotel resorts. Through this agreement, AMAN enters the Saudi market and the Middle East for the first time. The group will develop three luxury resorts with distinctive architectural designs, including a luxury hotel camp, a resort near the heritage sites of Al Ula, and a third rural-style resort.

The design work for the three resorts is expected to start in 2019, with the development and operational timetable for receiving guests set in 2023. Which will provide upscale experiences for visitors. The partnership with Aman Group is the second major international agreement to develop Al Ula, following the announcement in February of the design of renowned architect John Nouvelle, a luxury resort in Sharaan Nature Reserve, which will embody the true meaning of nature's embrace of architecture. The partnership agreement is an important step in the implementation of the overall plan of the Royal Commission for the province of Al Ula, to ensure the provision of the best offers of tourism and hospitality, and attracting to the major operators, developers and investors in the tourism and hospitality sector, to join the authority in its journey to develop Al Ula to a vibrant and prosperous destination that opens its doors to visitors from all over the world.

The three resorts offer many hospitality career opportunities to the local community in Al Ula, and will provide Al Ula's sons and daughters with training opportunities from experts in one of the world's largest luxury hospitality brands. Aman is set to build its first resort in Al Ula in line with the spa concept, which will feature 30 luxury hotel units. The resort will be developed in a quiet and secluded mountain valley, close to major heritage and cultural sites in Al Ula. The resorts will provide an exceptional opportunity for guests and visitors to enjoy the year-round tourist season, including the Tantura Winter Cultural Season, the first of which was launched at the end of 2018.

Alshaya Group signs exclusive agreement with Hilton Hotels
01 August 2019
The agreement will boost hotel expansion plans in nine countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Turkey
The Hilton brand and Alshaya Group, a leading global brand and management company, have signed an exclusive agreement to launch and develop 70 Hampton by Hilton hotels in nine countries across the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Turkey. Under the contract, the first Hampton by Hilton is expected to open in 2021 in Kuwait, and 50 hotels will open in the next 8 years, followed by 20 more in the near future, expanding the presence of hotels. Hampton by Hilton is in the area heavily. The Hampton by Hilton is a hospitality-rated hotel with about 2,500 hotels in 22 countries worldwide, making it the largest brand in the Hilton portfolio of brands.

Speaking on the sidelines of the signing, Hilton President and CEO Chris Nacita said: “We are delighted to partner with Alshaya, a leading group that supports Hampton by Hilton's global growth ambitions. We are looking forward to working with Alshaya Group for its commitment to its partners and excellence in performance according to the highest standards of customer service, which will contribute to bringing us to a new category of customers in strategic locations around the world, coinciding with the 100th anniversary this year since the beginning of our practice For our business in the hotel and hospitality sector.

Mohammed Alshaya, Executive Chairman of Alshaya Group, said: “There is a huge demand in the region for hotels that take care of all the comfort of their guests within the highest standards of value and quality in the hospitality industry, which offers excellent options for travelers, which is characterized by the Hampton Bay brand. Hilton is supplying it in the field. Therefore, we are very pleased with this new partnership due to its importance in diversifying our business portfolio and the services we provide to customers. It is an opportunity for us to replicate the global success of Hampton by Hilton in the markets in the region where we do business.

Hampton by Hilton continues to lead the global hotel category with the highest rating of guest satisfaction around the world. Each hotel is committed to enforcing all of their hotel warranty rules to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Hampton guests can enjoy the brand's free hot breakfast with other health options and free Wi-Fi in every hotel.

Hampton is part of the Hilton Honors, the award-winning guest loyalty program within the Hilton brand of 17 hotels, which offers members who book directly through Hilton's preferred channels access to instant benefits, including flexible options that allow They choose any combination of points and payment methods to book accommodation, an exclusive offer for members that cannot be found anywhere else. This is in addition to free WiFi.

Members also enjoy the popular digital facilities and applications available exclusively through the industry-leading Hilton Honors mobile app, where program members can check in, choose their room and access their rooms using a digital key.

Tourism in Lebanon 2019 the most beautiful tourist places and the best hotel prices in Lebanon
01 August 2019
The most beautiful tourist areas in Lebanon 2020, what makes you choose Lebanon for a leisure holiday, and make it the best choice for all tourists?
Tourism in Lebanon is one of the most important sources of primary income in Lebanon. So, we will show you the most beautiful tourist places in Lebanon where you can spend the best times of your life

Lebanon is home to all kinds of tourism in the world, where many go to see its historical landmarks, landscapes enjoyed by Lebanon, especially the capital Beirut and the city of Baalbek, and other ancient Roman cities and civilizations in Lebanon, a unique location and a destination known for many cinematic works Many famous movies and some famous footage were shot inside Beirut.
First of all, Lebanon has an excellent geographical nature and offers a lot of terrain and places of adventure and thrill, making it a tourist destination for lovers of exploration, adventure and nature lovers.
Tourism in Lebanon is inexpensive like most other countries, so if you have a limited budget and want to get the best tourist trip you should visit Lebanon only and get all these advantages.
The famous Lebanese cuisine that offers us delicious Lebanese dishes and sweets that have an oriental character and have a different taste than most other Arab countries.
Lebanon is a very safe country in spite of the fears and doubts raised on this point due to some political differences and parties, but all who carried out tourism in Lebanon confirmed that it is a very safe country and there is nothing to cause fear, especially the capital Beirut.
Despite the fascinating nature and scenery in Lebanon, it is a small country. This allows you to visit all of Lebanon during your tourist trip to Lebanon. What distinguishes tourism in Lebanon is the nature of the friendly Lebanese people who welcome all tourists.
Financial dealings inside Lebanon are simple and easy as you can deal in the official currency of the country, which is the Lebanese pound or you can deal in dollars, so you will not meet the currency problem.

What are the best tourist cities to visit in Lebanon?

First tourism in Beirut
Beirut is the capital of Lebanon.It is one of the most beautiful cities in Lebanon.It is characterized by its mild weather in summer and winter.So it is an ideal place to travel all year round, but this will depend on your nature and the nature of the places you will visit, where there are some places are not suitable in the summer, such as the Cedars Mountains. Beirut has many tourist attractions and archaeological, which makes Beirut a great tourist attraction visited by many tourists throughout the year to see the civilization and knowledge of the history of the capital Beirut, the most prominent of these is the National Museum and the famous Raouche area.

The National Museum is one of the best tourist places you can not miss in Beirut, especially since the National Museum dates back to more than 5000 years, and has been maintained by the people of Beirut and its people throughout this period, especially during the civil war that destroyed many of the landmarks in Beirut, The National Museum has many rare artifacts, lots of mummies, mosaic art and more. Raouche rocks are a variety of rocks within the sea in distinctive forms that attract a lot of tourists every year, especially lovers of cycling and the open air, where there is on the seashore Corniche, one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the world that have a distinctive coastal view, which you can catch The most beautiful memorial photos in the area and visit some of the sights nearby the area.

If you go for tourism in Lebanon and visit Beirut, of course you can not miss the archaeological park, and enjoy its natural beauty, which attracts many visitors daily from the local population of Lebanon or foreign tourists, where there is a large variety of Roman monuments, especially Roman baths and statues and rare artifacts . One of the oldest mosques in Beirut is the Omari Mosque, which was founded more than 850 years ago, and you can visit the Palace of Sursock, which has a collection of art exhibits and rare artifacts and a lot of jewelry and pottery pieces and a large selection of rare pieces.

Secondly tourism in Baalbek
Baalbek or the city of the sun as it was called in the Roman times, which was throughout the ages one of the security of cities in the world, it was also known as the castle and was the main corridor of commercial caravans, and the city has retained many museums, temples and artifacts dating back to the times Roman booming.

One of the most famous monuments is the Temple of Jupiter, Venus and Bacchus, one of the largest temples in Lebanon, so all visitors to Lebanon should not miss the visit of these huge temples, and also do not miss the visit of the stone rope, which is named after this name to legend believes that women who suffer from infertility and not The ability to reproduce If you touch the mountain can reproduce after. There are many other cities in Lebanon such as Byblos, Jounieh, Tripoli, Tire and Sidon and other cities and attractions for lovers of tourism in Lebanon.
What are the best famous tourist attractions in Lebanon?
Cedar forests
It is one of the most famous places of tourism in Lebanon, especially that Lebanon takes cedar trees as a flag for their own flag. Cedars forests are considered one of the most beautiful nature reserves and is an excellent tourist destination especially in the winter, where famous for skiing sport. A place for priests to worship, so it contains many ancient monasteries.
Grotto of the Geta
It is one of the most famous tourist places in the world, and is close to the capital Beirut, and although you can not take pictures inside the cave, but it is enough to see the rocks and various water formations inside the cave, which makes the cave an excellent tourist destination during tourism in Lebanon, Archaeological places are the meeting point of many civilizations, the first of them Phoenician and then Roman and others.
Cable car ride in Lebanon
Lebanon is one of the most famous countries in the cable car ride, and see the scenic landscapes, and one of the most famous cities to ride the cable car is Jounieh, one of the most beautiful coastal cities that you can visit and visit its beaches and spend the best tourist trip within the region, you can move by cable car to the mountain area and eat the famous Lebanese, especially shawarma , Leaves stuffed with grapes, meat and other Lebanese flavors, and then you can see the statue of the Virgin Mary from above the mountain, and see most of the cities of Lebanon from above the mountain from inside the cable car.

Minister of Tourism of Algeria: Hotel prices determined by the theory of supply and demand and competitiveness factor contributed to the decline in prices
01 August 2019
Algeria “tourist obelisk”… .. Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Abdelkader Ben Messaoud, said Tuesday in Ain Temouchent that “hotel prices are determined by the theory of supply and demand has contributed factor competitiveness in recording a decline in prices during the last two years”. Bin Masoud highlighted during his working visit and inspection which led him to inspect a number of investment projects belonging to his ministerial department in Ain Temouchent state that “hotel prices are determined by the theory of supply and demand.We have noticed during the last two years a large number of hotel establishments opened as a result of investments and accompanying the state and the government for these projects where competitiveness factor contributed In registering hotel prices decline.

The minister added that "prices have become very adapted to the purchasing power of citizens ranging from 4,000 dirhams to 5,000 dirhams to spend one night as we stood it today in the wilaya of Ain Temouchent, which is a very reasonable and reasonable price, therefore we invite Algerian citizens to turn to Algerian hotels as a tourist country.
The same government official during his supervision of the inauguration of a new hotel institution with a capacity of 250 beds in Rishqoun Beach (Bani Saf) that “there is a strategy by the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts to be in line with the purchasing power of Algerian citizens and call for reasonable prices, especially for public hotels and we have noted the demand This season is considered by Algerians and even from our expatriate community who chose Algeria for their holiday.

The Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts started his field visit in the provincial capital of Ain Temouchent by visiting a 160-bed hotel belonging to the Eden chain, which has 16 hotels nationwide with private investments. Mr. Masoud praised the quality of this hotel, which was completed according to international standards. By the way, it is necessary to develop a plan of action to invite foreigners to vacation in Algeria by promoting the national tourism product as necessary. He also reviewed the incident in the municipality of Ouled Boudjemaa, an expansion project for the establishment of tourism for the private sector stationed in the tourist expansion area of ​​Sassel beach, where the minister stressed the need to “consider the use of such hotel facilities throughout the year by encouraging forest tourism, mountaineering and scuba diving. Important region.

In the same coastal area, he supervised the inauguration of a 4-star hotel where he commended the quality of services and the competitive prices applied, as well as the benefit of foreign expertise in the management of hotel establishments, as is the case for this hotel. The same government official toured the hotel on a handicraft pavilion for some craft products in the province of Ghardaia, which is present to showcase its products in the wilaya of Ain Temouchent within the framework of the weeks of handicraft industry.He noted this initiative, which contributes to the promotion of the artisan product and introduce it to the benefit of holidaymakers and visitors to the state. In the same local community, Mr. Ben Messaoud supervised the laying of the special foundation stone for the project of expanding tourist residency in Tarka beach.

The Minister stressed on the occasion to the owner of the project to reduce the completion of the expansion project from 24 months to one year in order to be an addition to the benefit of the sector in the state. In the entertainment forest located in Rishqoun Beach (Beni Saf), which covers an area of ​​13 hectares, the Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts mentioned such facilities and the importance of using them also in sports and cultural activities and supporting them with the necessary facilities. Concerning the reality of tourism in the wilaya of Ain Temouchent, Ben Messaoud said that “the sector in this state is moving at a steady pace and there are 27 investment projects, including 6 hotels with a capacity of 1,200 beds that were prepared for this year.

InterContinental Hotels Group in Jordan celebrates 'Appreciation Week' with its employees
31 July 2019
InterContinental Hotels Group has organized a “Recognition Week” for its employees working in all the Group's hotels and offices around the world from 23 to 30 June 2019 to celebrate their services and hard work throughout the year.

At InterContinental Aqaba, the employees celebrated the week of appreciation by organizing many activities and events that were admired by colleagues, including decorating the staff cafeteria on a special day for one of the countries and famous food in them, daily fun games including puzzles, beach ball and physical games which was an unforgettable experience.

The main goal of Recognition Week is to make colleagues from all departments and grades feel comfortable and know what the real team spirit is away from the work atmosphere and momentum, which will motivate them towards better work performance and provide an experience and service unmatched for guests.

Lebanon targets 2 million tourists and $ 7 billion in 2019
July 30, 2019
Lebanon is counting on a promising tourist season this summer, with expectations that the number of visitors will exceed 2 million tourists and achieve revenues of up to $ 7 billion by the end of 2019.

3 reasons to save Lebanon tourism in Christmas

The Ministry of Tourism and a number of concerned authorities are exerting great efforts to receive tourists from different countries, especially Arab ones. Lebanese Tourism Minister Ouedis Kidaneian and Jean Abboud, president of the Syndicate of Travel and Tourism Offices Owners of Lebanon, expect the number of arrivals this year to exceed 2 million.


Traffic in Beirut's Rafic Hariri International Airport has increased significantly over the first six months of this year. In a statement to Al Ain News, the Lebanese Minister of Tourism confirmed that the expectations in the first half of 2019 were good, and we hope that it will be repeated in the second half

The minister pointed out that the number of tourists is expected to exceed 2 million, and that the revenues of the sector will exceed $ 7 billion by the end of this year, which is 46% more than last year. The current political situation will not have any negative impact on tourism in Lebanon, especially that what matters to the tourist is the security stability enjoyed by the country.

Lebanese officials are optimistic about the basic security situation in recent years. There is no longer any terrorist attacks. The tourism situation is optimistic, with Saudi Arabia's decision to lift the Saudi travel ban a few months ago and the announcement by the UAE's ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, that the UAE is studying this issue with the concerned authorities in Lebanon.

"We can say that the indicators so far are positive and reflect a good tourist season even though we expected it to be better," Jean Abboud, head of the Association of Travel and Tourism Owners in Lebanon, told Al Ain News. "Compared to last year, there is a growth rate of more than 12 and 13%, in addition to the daily take-off and landing of 65 aircraft at Beirut airport, and some companies began to operate additional flights, indicating more than a good start to the season.

He stressed that despite the political situation, tourists from several nationalities visited Lebanon, most notably the Saudis, whose number doubled this year after the decision to lift the ban on travel to Lebanon. He pointed out that the importance of the Arab and Gulf tourists in particular lies in the length of stay spent in Lebanon, in addition to the average daily spending of up to $ 5,000 per person, which positively affects the national income.

The Minister of Tourism reveals that the rate of reservations in hotels in Lebanon exceeded the rate of 80%, while in some areas to 100%, and expected the arrival of a large number of arrivals, especially from Arab countries to Lebanon on Eid al-Adha. The number of tourists in 2018, according to the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism about one million and 950 thousand, which is the second best number after 2010 before the war in Syria and its negative impact on Lebanon, when the number of tourists to two million and 162 thousand

In the first six months of this year, the traffic of the Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut achieved a remarkable increase, and the number of passengers reached 4 million, an increase of more than 4% over the same period of 2018. The current movement at the airport promises to increase further in the coming weeks and over the months of the season. This summer, the start of June recorded a 2.65% increase in passenger numbers. Expansion of the airport is expected to be completed at the beginning of August, which will increase the capacity of the estimated 6 million passengers, as announced by the Minister of Public Works in Lebanon, Youssef Fenianos.

Shopping and treatment tourism raises hotel operating rates to unprecedented levels in Morocco
27 July 2019
"Casablanca" has become a favorite destination for those interested in shopping, and expressed the professional organizations working in the tourism sector in Morocco, expressed satisfaction with the increasing demand for tourism units in Casablanca, saying that the increase in the number of tourists in the recent period contributed to raise the rate of operating hotels at unprecedented levels.
Rachid Bouamara, an official in the tourism sector at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services in Casablanca, said that the economic capital has succeeded in attracting large numbers of tourists, which contributed to the revival of sectors related to tourism. Increase in demand for rated hotels, which have an operating rate of over 90 per cent, a figure that has not been achieved in recent years.

Only in Morocco .. 5 star hotel with food, drinking and security for 20 dirhams per night
24 July 2019
A few days separate us from Eid al-Adha and from the atmosphere that some see as enjoyable, while others do not hide the resentment of this atmosphere associated with Eid. Perhaps the most important characteristic of this atmosphere is the spread of sheep in cities, whether in private shops, or in codified markets, especially after the Ministry of Interior tightened control over the progress of the sale of sheep and sacrificial animals dedicated to the big feast, a desire to protect the citizen from falling victim to rotten sheep that violate his health and his pocket. With the Eid al-Adha approaching, the Sheep Hotel is emerging as a social status that has imposed itself in recent years. It has become an outlet for many families, especially those with narrow apartments that can not carry the sheep, food and drink, as well as waste products, find in the sheep hotel a magic solution to alleviate their suffering.

On the other hand, this project is considered a solution, even a patchwork for the main problem of youth unemployment, which find in these seasonal projects, which are no more than a week or ten days, provide a simple income to help provide some requirements. At first, the mere mention of the "sheep hotel" was humorous and sometimes ridiculous and surprising, but over time, these shops imposed themselves and became indispensable during these blessed days. Hisham, a university student, has been evacuating the building's garage for motorcycles, and equipping it with all the necessary to receive customers of a special kind, providing them with food, drink and protection, he told Manara: “I am with my friends to equip the garage to receive the sacrifices and to provide them with care. Feed and water and ensure their safety until the morning of Eid ». As for the price of this service, Hisham stressed that it does not exceed twenty dirhams per night, and whether the project is profitable, explained Hisham, that it is enough to provide pocket money, but it is tiring and requires great vigilance, especially since the responsibility is great. The same opinion was shared by Hisham's colleagues, who confirmed that they are participating in this service in order to provide a service especially for housewives to save them from cleaning lamb waste.

Aisha, an employee, said she was breathing a sigh of relief with the appearance of the Lamb Hotel, which removed a large load from her shoulders, adding: “Our houses are narrow and can barely accommodate us and our children. Years ago, I had to empty the salon or one of the rooms to put the lamb. "The surfaces are no longer safe. We don't even believe in spreading the laundry. As for the decision to ban sheep hotels, most of the beneficiaries of this service expressed their resentment of this decision, explaining that the sheep is an outlet for some young people who are looking for additional expenses during the summer vacation, and an outlet for the residents of narrow houses who find in these «hotels» safe shelter for their rams. On the need to provide food and drink for the sacrifice as well as cleaning the waste and residues and protects them from the confusion caused by the sacrifice in narrow houses.

The Lamb Hotel may harm the aesthetics of the city, contribute to the beginning of the cities, and may harm the sacrifice, and does not take into account the health and safety and safety of the feed provided to it, and may be a hotbed of pollution and noise, especially with the presence of many sheep heads in one place, but they remain Short-term seasonal projects, the impact of which remains comfortable for housewives and young people .. The question remains, what if thinking about creating centers that meet all the conditions, would not this help alleviate the suffering of families living in narrow housing and provide a simple income for some unemployed youth?

Tunisia boosts tourist attraction in the largest desert resort
24 July 2019
Anantara Resort boasts 10 hotels, sports facilities, a wellness center, a theater, conference rooms and international-standard shops. The Tunisian tourism community is awaiting the launch of the largest desert resort in the country, to transform the governorate of Tozeur into one of the most prominent international destinations in this field, which reinforces the momentum of recovery sector in Tunisia since the beginning of this year and reflected on the overall economic life.

Tunisia's tourism industry has great ambitions to accelerate the transformation of the vast desert in the south of the country into places of interest to Arab and foreign visitors after losing its luster in recent years. In a move that embodies the state, the country is preparing to open the largest desert resort in the country, located in the region of Merah Lahouar in Tozeur state after five years of construction. The infrastructure of various hotels and resorts are factors that will meet the needs of tourists, especially as the desert is a major attraction with the presence of distinctive places such as oases.

Officials and industry officials are betting that the $ 47.2 million Anantara resort will be a new spotlight for a sector that, thanks to a government strategy, has steadily surpassed the terrorist attacks that struck Tunisia in 2015. The 40-hectare resort has 60 luxury suites and health facilities. A tennis court, a number of restaurants, shops, conference facilities, a Roman theater, a large Arab-style tent and a spa and recreation center.

`` The resort, which will officially open in September 2019, houses the 10 largest five-star hotels in Tunisia, '' the official Tozeur state news agency quoted Mohamed Aymen Bejaoui as saying earlier this month. "I can confirm that it is one of the most luxurious desert resorts in the world." The resort was supposed to be inaugurated this month as promised by Qatari Diar, the developer of the project, but several technical problems prevented it. The desert resort is expected to attract Gulf tourists specifically, as well as tourists from around the world who are eager to explore the Tunisian desert.

Although there are no precise numbers of jobs that the resort is likely to absorb, there are assurances from officials that the local workforce will be the tyrant given the state's competencies. Few tourists visit the desert in the south of Tunisia these days, and those who visit the country usually stay on the beaches along the coast. The activity of desert tourism peaks between October and April each year before the temperature increases, sometimes exceeding 50 degrees Celsius.

Sector workers in the southern states have long criticized the policy of successive governments in dealing with desert tourism, where it remained fragile despite its richness and diversity as a result of weak support in annual budgets of the state. Many claim that this type of tourism has been a marginalized area since 2011 as a result of the chaos experienced by Tunisia and limited its role to be a "spare wheel" for beach tourism in coastal cities such as Sousse, Bizerte, Hammamet, Tabarka and Djerba. For years, especially under former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, authorities in hotels in Tozeur and the city of Douz in the Kebili governorate have considered a “temporary” solution to ease the burden on coastal tourism when resorts there are crowded with visitors.

But the current government, which took office in August 2016, has embarked on a strategy based on tourism diversification to include desert tourism as well as cultural, environmental, conferences and others. The Tourism Ministry launched a plan last year to support all of these activities in an effort to attract more than 10 million tourists by next year, but observers expect a much higher figure under current indicators. In the years following the political chaos, Tunisia tried to restore the momentum of desert tourism when it launched initiatives to revive several places that had a great impact on attracting visitors.

In April 2014, the Ministry of Tourism, in partnership with non-governmental organizations, launched a campaign to raise $ 124 million to restore the fictional city, which was set up in the Camel Neck area of ​​Tozeur to shoot footage of the famous film Star Wars. The authorities have also turned their attention to the southernmost province of Tataouine as one of the tourist poles that can be used to diversify its desert landscapes and heritage areas. The economic circles are likely to support desert tourism in the state coffers with additional funds in the future, after official data showed that the revenues of the sector during the first half of this year about $ 700 million with the number of visitors increased by 16.7 percent compared with an annual.

The sector, which contributes about 8 percent to Tunisia's gross domestic product annually, has recovered as tourists return to traditional markets after several European countries lifted a travel warning to the Tunisian destination. But Tunisia is not only counting on those markets, but is betting on both the Chinese and Russian markets that have saved the past two seasons after tourists shunned traditional destinations like Britain.

Algeria: 90 hotel establishments in progress to be delivered in 3 years in Algiers
19 July 2019
The hotel barn will be reinforced at the level of Algiers with 90 hotel establishments in progress, which will be gradually received within the next three years, according to the director of tourism of Algiers. Noureddine Mansour, in a statement to APS, explained that the hotel barn at the level of Algiers will be strengthened by 90 hotel establishments, which will double the accommodation capacity to 50,000 beds within the next 3 years (2022), if the entrepreneurs commit to implement them on time. The projected target is expected to reach 30,000 beds by 2020.

He pointed out that the interests of the Directorate of State Tourism are inspected visits to find out the progress of works within the framework of "our keenness to follow up the various stages of completion and respect for the deadlines." He pointed out that in the framework of encouraging tourism investment and making Algiers a tourist hub with distinction, the project workshop comprises a total of 210 projects that will provide approximately 30,000 beds, of which 100 projects have already been launched, whose works are known to be advanced and will be gradually received. According to the source, the tourism sector in Algiers witnessed a great dynamics during 2019, where 9 out of 15 hotel structures were put into service by the end of the year, distributed through the municipalities of the capital, which strengthened the accommodation capacity by nearly 1000 beds and provided more than 500 jobs. High registered capacity, but still insufficient to meet the demands of tourists who prefer to visit Algeria and discover its natural and archaeological treasures.

On the other hand, Mr. Mansour said he expects to enter into service a 5-star hotel at the level of the new Algiers International Airport in Algiers, which is managed by the Hyatt Regency Group this year and includes 275 luxurious rooms with a capacity of more than 500 beds. He said that this would turn Algeria into a major transit station for international airlines to facilitate business mobility linking Africa and Europe in a comfortable way. The hotel would provide nearly 200 direct jobs.

According to the Director of Tourism, the number of tourism agencies in the capital, 1000, provides more than 3,000 jobs for young people, while 35 complaints were filed against them during 2018 and the first six of 2019, filed by customers because of breach of contract was filed for custody. Any complaint concerning hotels.

Lebanon: Mark Tembril appointed General Manager of Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort
18 July 2019
Mark Tembril joined Kempinski Hotel Lebanon as General Manager
On this occasion, the management of the Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort issued a statement, expressing its delight to join Templar in the Lebanon team, after his last assignment as General Manager at the Kempinski Hotel Amman and return to Beirut after seven years where he previously managed Gefinor Rotana in Hamra.

With over 35 years of experience, 25 of them work in the Middle East and Gulf region, including Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Qatar. He has a proven track record of working with international brands such as Kempinski Hotels, InterContinental Hotels Group and Rotana Hotel Management Group, where he has held several sales and marketing positions and has extensive experience in the field of receptions, beverages, food, concerts and conferences.

On the occasion of his appointment, Tembril said: 12 years after taking up public administration positions in the field of business hotels, resorts and airports, I am delighted today to return to Lebanon with Kempinski Hotels, contributing to the success of this amazing hotel and resort, and maintaining its position among the best in Beirut . I am eagerly looking forward to working with the team to create beautiful performances that lead to more achievements and unforgettable trips inspired by European taste.

Accor plans to launch Raffles brand in Bahrain in collaboration with GFH Financial Group
17 July 2019
Accor, the global leader in integrated hospitality, has unveiled its intention to launch the Raffles brand in Bahrain in collaboration with the GFH Group, where the Kingdom will witness the launch of the first luxury resort of the Raffles hotel chain. Accor has entered into agreements with the hotel management group GFH to pave the way for a fruitful partnership between the two sides, in addition to establishing Accor's presence in Bahrain, where the group currently manages six hotel projects in the Kingdom.

The Accor Group is renowned for offering the most luxurious and elegant hotel experiences to the world's top tourist destinations since 1887. Raffles Bahrain will be launched after completing an important deal to acquire Al Areen Palace Resort & Spa, a renowned private resort with 78 luxury villas all with elegant swimming pools. Featuring the largest spa and hydrotherapy facilities in the region, this resort features designs inspired by Arabian palace gardens. The overall refurbishment of the resort will transform the resort into an oasis of luxury, immersing guests in the highest standards of luxury that Raffles has long been known for.

Mark Willis, CEO of Accor Group for the Middle East and North Africa, said: “We are delighted with the collaboration of GFH, one of the leading financial and investment companies in the Gulf region, and are delighted to launch this landmark in the Kingdom. Bahrain, a thriving hospitality market, is an opportunity for the Accor Group to continue to enrich its portfolio of leading brands. ' Mark Willis added: “The launch of Bahrain's first Raffles Resort marks a new chapter in the growth of the brand, which is a leading brand in the hotel industry. It is an ideal place to offer experiences based on authentic Arabian and Asian hospitality concepts.

'We are honored to enter into this long-term partnership with Accor, a leading global hospitality group with an unrivaled growing portfolio of brands. Raffles 'global luxury is a major milestone that will further enhance the Kingdom's position as a unique destination for life experiences and enrich the growing portfolio of GFH Group's prestigious real estate projects.' The Group will make a series of updates to the hotel to welcome guests from around the world, immersing them with personal experiences tailored to their needs, with a focus on health and well-being, privacy-sensitive services, outstanding restaurants and elegance at Raffles.

With the acquisition of Al Areen Palace Resort & Spa, Accor will conduct extensive renovations to re-establish itself as a luxury lifestyle haven, thanks to its proximity to major tourist destinations, including the Bahrain Formula 1 International Circuit, the new Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center, Al Areen Wildlife Club, Bahrain Sailing Yacht Club and Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park. Al Areen Palace Resort & Spa will undergo a series of upgrades to the Raffles brand, including the renovation of 56 one-bedroom villas with 22 swimming pools, and the 22-bedroom Royal Pool Villas. The four restaurants in the resort have been redesigned to six.

In line with Raffles 'focus on guests' health, Accor will renovate the Middle East's largest spa and spa area of ​​10,000 square meters, with 16 suites, the first of its kind hammam in a garden, as well as a thermal hydrotherapy park. The renovations will cover the resort's other health facilities, including separate gyms for men and women, a children's club and outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Raffles Bahrain will offer premium health experiences, such as the 'Comfort Sleep' service, which is designed to help guests relax and enjoy a deep night's sleep to wake up actively in the morning, part of Raffles' strategy to ensure the well-being of its guests.

Upon completion of renovations at the resort next year, it will then be re-launched under its new name, Raffles Bahrain, which will become an oasis of luxury thanks to the luxurious villas with elegant swimming pools and the hospitality services of the Raffles brand. The Bahrain-based GFH Financial Group is one of the largest financial and investment groups in the GCC region with a diversified portfolio of investments. Accor is currently focused on exploring and evaluating new opportunities to manage more of the group's hospitality projects in the region and around the world

Raffles Bahrain joins a group of 14 hotels and resorts in 12 countries. Raffles has a history of more than 130 years and is now experiencing a new chapter of growth, with eight new hotels to be added to the group in the coming years.

50% discount for Omanis in 13 hotels: Launching a campaign to stimulate local tourism
15 July 2019
Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran), the executive arm of the tourism sector in the Sultanate of Oman, has launched its tourism campaign “Oman” aimed at stimulating local tourism and encouraging Omanis to spend the summer tourist season in the company's hotel assets across the Sultanate.

The campaign will be attended by 13 hotels and resorts offering a 50% discount on accommodation, as well as many additional tourist benefits and services depending on the hotel, which will run until September.

The offer includes free accommodation for 2 children under 12 years old, and includes breakfast and dinner in a range of hotels, in addition to a number of leisure activities and tours, and 20% discount on spa services.
The range of benefits and services offered will contribute to creating an enjoyable tourist experience for individuals and families during the summer season.
Omani guests can make bookings directly or through Omran's website to directly book at the participating hotels: InterContinental Muscat, Millennium Resort Al Masn'a, Alila Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, Crowne Plaza Hotel Duqm, Crowne Plaza Salalah, Crowne Plaza Center Hotel Oman Convention & Exhibition Center, W Muscat Hotel, Atana Khasab Hotel, Atana Musandam Resort, Masirah Island Resort, Madinah Duqm Hotel, Ras Al Janz Turtle Reserve, and Dibba Beach Resort.

On the sidelines of the “Omani Tourism” campaign, competitions will be announced on the company's social media sites and various media channels, allowing the public to win a host of prizes to stay at Omran Hotels.

Saudi Arabia hosts the largest Foucault hotel in the world
11 July 2019
InterContinental Hotels Group completes its journey in Saudi Arabia by constructing the largest Foucault hotel in the world in Mecca under the name Foucault Makkah. InterContinental Hotels Group has signed an agreement to launch Foucault Makkah Hotel in Makkah in cooperation with the real estate development company Maad International. The hotel will be completed in early 2020 to become the largest Foucault hotel in the world to meet the increasing number of visitors coming to Baitullah. All year round to Saudi Arabia.

According to a statement received by Arabian Business, the hotel will open 4,200 rooms, bringing the number of rooms managed by InterContinental Hotels Group in the Kingdom to more than 19,500 rooms, reinforcing the group's position as one of the largest hospitality companies in Saudi Arabia. Fuku Hotel Makkah will occupy a prime location within a huge mixed-use project, the development of Ma'ad Towers, which will include restaurants, lounges, banquet halls and prayer areas. The new hotel will be located in the most important places in the holy city close to the Grand Mosque. Exceptional, including over 20,000 square meters of dining facilities and meeting rooms.

The Foucault Hotel, whose name is derived from the meaning of 'da'wa' or 'gathering' in Latin, combines informal character with a unique hotel design. Since its global launch nearly a year ago, the Foucault brand has grown rapidly by signing a series of agreements across the Middle East. Following the signing of an agreement to establish Fuku Al Khobar earlier this year, Fuku Makkah will become the second hotel with the brand name in Saudi Arabia. And the fourth hotel of the InterContinental Hotels Group in Mecca. Pascal Guven, Managing Director of InterContinental Hotels Group India, Middle East and Africa, said: Among the most important global destinations.

He added that "religious tourism in Mecca is expected to witness a continuous increase to reach 30 million visitors by 2030, and we look forward to meeting the needs of this increase through our establishment (Foucault Mecca), which will provide a welcoming experience comfortable and different and reliable during the seasons of Hajj and Umrah ". Abdulaziz Yamani, Chairman of Ma'ad International, said: “We are excited to cooperate with InterContinental Hotels Group in the construction of this unique property, because it has a global experience and a deep understanding of the Kingdom's culture and business environment. "We are proud to partner with InterContinental Hotels Group," said Mohammed Al-Jared, CEO of Maad International.

This reflects our commitment to the development of exceptional properties to serve visiting pilgrims in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. '' InterContinental Hotels Group currently has 92 hotels operating in seven different brands in the Middle East: InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, Foucault and Six Senses, as well as 38 additional hotels under construction. The next three to five years.

Discover Bahrain's luxury hotels
05 June 2019
When staying in Bahrain, luxury hotels stay. This is a glimpse of Bahrain's most prestigious hotels

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay
Located in Manama, Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay offers elegant accommodation with views of the Arabian Gulf. It features a sandy beach, a fitness center, seven restaurants, five swimming pools and free Wi-Fi. The rooms are elegantly furnished; each suite has a separate living room with a flat-screen TV, an iPod docking station and a Blu-ray player. The marble bathroom also comes with a shower and bath, and toiletries. Guests can enjoy international dishes at Wolfgang Restaurant, Oriental delicacies at the Asian Cuisine restaurant, as well as the open kitchen concept at Bahrain Bay Kitchen, which features an outdoor Bayview Lounge, with panoramic views of Manama's skyline, serving drinks and snacks throughout. Today. The hotel is located six kilometers from the Wahoo Waterpark, 2 kilometers from the financial district and 4 kilometers from Seef Mall. Bahrain International Airport is six kilometers away.

Wyndham Grand Manama
Overlooking spectacular views of Manama's skyline and the Arabian Gulf, the 5-star Wyndham Grand Manama offers guests relaxation in three pools and a sauna
All rooms feature a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a bathtub, free toiletries and a desk. Guests have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a wardrobe. Breakfast is available each morning and includes halal and buffet options.
With staff speaking Afrikaans, Arabic, German and English, 24-hour guidance is available at reception. Bahrain City Center Mall is 2.9 km from the hotel, while Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Center is 4 km from the property. The nearest airport is Bahrain International Airport, 6 km from the hotel.

Downtown Rotana Hotel
Located in the heart of Manama's bustling financial district, Downtown Rotana is ideally located for business and leisure travelers, within walking distance of local businesses, historic sites and Manama's famous shopping center. Bahrain World Trade Center and Bahrain Financial Harbor are just a few minutes' walk away and Bahrain International Airport is a 20-minute drive away. The 26-storey hotel offers floor-to-ceiling windows that offer great city views. All 243 rooms and suites are luxuriously furnished, offering guests comfort and warmth. There are four distinct food and beverage outlets, and the rooftop pool allows guests to enjoy snorkeling and enjoy the sights. There is a meeting area of ​​1,250 square meters, including a ballroom, a spacious area, seven additional meeting rooms and a business center.

Doha hotel officials: 25% discount on summer events in Qatar
15 May 2019
Local hospitality establishments have completed preparations to receive guests and visitors to the summer events in Qatar, which is scheduled to start its entertainment and marketing programs from June 4 to August 16 and a number of hotel managers confirm that summer programs and activities in Qatar will attract large numbers of tourists because of the quality and professionalism of their selection, He pointed out that hotels will offer attractive discounts on accommodation up to 25%, in addition to many promotions on the use of hotel facilities, describing the summer in Qatar as a great occasion contributes to the hotel sector contributes significantly to enhance the data of its success by placing it at the forefront His marketing agenda in collaboration with his active partners in the local and international markets.

Amin Darawsheh: NBT events enrich hotel business

Mr. Amin Al-Darawsheh, Assistant General Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing Department at Al-Shuala Hotel and Al-Azizia Boutique Hotel said that the summer activities in Qatar are a unique occasion that attracts guests from various international markets due to the diversity of its programs and entertainment activities that meet the wishes of all family members of all age groups. Who has completed all his preparations to receive visitors is a strategic partner of the National Council of Tourism, whose activities and programs contribute to the enrichment of the work of local hospitality institutions, pointing out that the Torch Hotel and Azizia Boutique Hotel will offer discounts of up to 25% in addition to type offers Of the two hotels facilities.

“Qatar Summer Programs are well known for their quality and professionalism, which is reflected positively on all tourism-related establishments such as hotels, shopping malls, museums, duty-free shops and airlines,” said Al-Darawsheh. Unparalleled tourism experiences characterized by the authenticity of the essence and the specificity of design, expressing thanks to the National Council for Tourism for its role in the revitalization of local tourism through events and recreational activities distinct

Shadi Kassem: Summer in Qatar allows you to enjoy new tourist experiences

Shadi Kassem, Director General of The Avenue Doha Hotel, said: “The variety of leisure activities offered by the summer in Qatar in its current version is one of the most distinctive and strongest events as it provides visitors and guests with the opportunity to enjoy all the tourist experiences including leisure, cultural, heritage and educational tourism. The Qatar Summer Program will meet the expectations of visitors from various international tourism markets, thanks to the offer of a variety of new products and activities by the partners of the National Tourism Council.

Shadi said: “The Avenue Hotel Doha has completed its readiness to receive summer guests in Qatar by providing an enjoyable hotel stay and restaurants offering a variety of Eastern and Western cuisine. He explained that the hotel works together with the National Tourism Council to market the summer product in Qatar through its website and through its partners. He expressed his thanks to the National Tourism Council for supporting the hotel sector by launching a series of entertainment events that enrich domestic tourism and attract large numbers of visitors and guests.

Anwar Abou El Hassan: National Tourism has become famous for the quality of events

Mr. Anwar Abulhassan, Assistant Director of Marketing Department at La Cigale Hotel, said: “La Cigale Hotel is a strategic partner of the National Tourism Council in all its programs and leisure activities that enrich domestic tourism and contribute effectively to attract many visitors from various international markets exporting tourism. Tourism has become famous for its quality and good selection, making it an educational, recreational and educational platform led by visitors and its components meet the requirements of the family of all age groups in addition to being a key mechanism in stimulating the purchasing movement in various commercial complexes in addition to Its role in enhancing the sales ceiling of the hotel sector in its various taxonomic categories.

"The La Cigale Hotel offers excellent offers to enhance the success of the summer events in Qatar, in addition to special offers on the various facilities of the hotel, noting that these offers come in coordination with the National Council for Tourism to support the success of its events and events," he said. Offers attractive shopping offers and special sales, as well as popular raffles.

The opening of the first international hotel within the project "Msheireb The Heart Of Doha"
09 March 2019
Unveiling its iconic fan, the iconic icon of all branches, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the first international hotel in the modern area of ​​the Qatari capital, opened in the heart of Doha.
Modern and elegant, with a touch of Qatari heritage, the hotel sets new levels of luxury in Doha, and is ideally located near the business district, major attractions and Hamad International Airport. As part of the Msheireb Downtown Doha project, this has added new impetus to the event.

The Msheireb Heart of Doha is an example of the spirit of innovation that Qatar is striving to achieve in order to improve the lifestyle and ensure the continued development of Qatari heritage and culture to keep pace with the country's growth.
Musheireb Suburb
Musheireb is a unique pilot project that brings life back to the old commercial center of the Qatari capital, as well as to the lifestyle that has long been rooted in Qatari culture.

Contrary to trends in most major cities that are reluctant to live in the middle of the city and head to their outskirts to escape the hustle and bustle, Musheireb is attracting residents to a location in the heart of the Qatari capital.

Msheireb The Heart of Doha aims to be a role model and a benchmark for other projects around the world that seek to develop the city center in a sustainable manner. One of its most striking features is that it uses a multi-component architectural language, a modern language that looks forward and draws inspiration from the past.

Designed by world-renowned studio David Collins, the hotel boasts 128 rooms, 30 suites and 91 fully equipped serviced apartments, blending contemporary design craftsmanship with delicate and elegant traditional Qatari heritage elements, thanks to aesthetics and attention to detail. Between elegance and simplicity, spacious designs and beautiful finishes.

The hotel's nine dining outlets offer an engaging experience, bringing exceptional flavors from different destinations around the world, focusing on traditional local delicacies.

Spread over 3030m2, the Mandarin Oriental Doha Hotel boasts six private treatment rooms, a double suite, two VIP suites, and thermal and water treatment facilities including indoor pools.The health and fitness center is designed with the latest technology in the world of gyms. It also features communal and ladies-only areas, as well as three studios designed specifically for Pilates, Yoga, Quinax and TRX.

Sustainable development
Msheireb Properties Acting Chief Executive Ali Al Kuwari said in a statement to Al Jazeera Net that he was delighted to open facilities at the Msheireb Downtown Doha project with the opening of the Mandarin Oriental Doha Hotel, the first hotel to commence operations in Msheireb, which is also the first city center in the world. It is developed in a fully sustainable manner.

Al-Kuwari added that this event is a milestone in the development of the project, which will include a business district and many commercial, cultural and economic facilities.

On the number of projects to be opened during the current year, Al Kuwari said that two hotels will be launched during the current year, bringing the number of hotel rooms in the project "Msheireb the heart of Doha" to 900 hotel rooms.

Msheireb Properties, the real estate arm of Qatar Foundation, was established as a commercial company to support the Foundation's objectives and achieve the goals of Qatar 2030's strategic vision. The company's mission is to achieve a qualitative change in society's perception of civic life, to improve the way of life, while respecting culture and heritage, and to foster care for environmental issues.

The name 'Msheireb' means the place to drink water, a historic name that is known as downtown Doha. Classical Arabic Calligraphy.

A traveler to Kuwait soon? These are the best hotels in Kuwait
02 February 2019
Tourism in Kuwait is growing rapidly, and most tourists come from various Gulf countries as they do not need a visa to enter Kuwait. The golden beach on the Arabian Gulf attracts many tourists to Kuwait and the charming old city with its antique markets. Most luxury hotels in Kuwait are located on the seaside to charm the beauty of the Arabian Gulf in Kuwait. If you're traveling to Kuwait soon and want to find out the best hotels in Kuwait to choose the best hotel that will provide you with unique accommodation in this charming country, here's a list of the best Kuwait hotels.

Marina Hotel
Marina Hotel offers luxurious accommodation on the Arabian Gulf. The hotel is conveniently located 2 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from the city center. This luxurious 5-star hotel has a beautiful private beach, you can relax on the golden sands of the beach surrounded by all this luxury. For your convenience, all rooms at Marina Hotel have a private balcony or a private beachfront door. You can also dine at the hotel's Atlantis, a boat-shaped restaurant overlooking the seaside and Kuwait Towers.

Regency Hotel
Located on a private beach on the Arabian Gulf, this luxurious hotel has five swimming pools. Regency is one of the most luxurious and best hotels in Kuwait. The luxury hotel with marble floors and Italian furniture offers many different services and facilities such as various restaurants. The ladies lounge at the hotel offers a ladies-only oasis, with a magnificent swimming pool, a stylish restaurant and lounge, and a private beach on the Arabian Gulf for ladies only. For these reasons and more Regency is one of the finest and most luxurious hotels in Kuwait.

Symphony Style Hotel
Located in the heart of the Salmiya area, this hotel is a rare pearl of the Arabian Gulf. All rooms at the hotel are designed and furnished with luxurious designs and have a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf. Symphony Hotel also has many fine dining restaurants to satisfy all tastes, including one of the best restaurants in Kuwait, Cucina.

Jumeirah Messilah Beach Resort
This luxury resort is located on the Messilah Beach and offers outstanding accommodation and an unforgettable holiday. The hotel has a private beach, 8 restaurants, a swimming pool and a spa, as well as a premium gym. Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel has one of the best private beaches in Kuwait, as well as a huge swimming pool, making it one of the best family choices.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Al Thuraya City
Situated in a great location 5 minutes from Kuwait International Airport, the hotel offers transfers to and from the airport, and is 15 minutes from the city center, making it one of the best choices if your trip to Kuwait is a business trip. The hotel is located in the heart of Al Thuraya and has many different restaurants that guests can enjoy. The lavish pool is ideal for relaxation and a fun day, and is also a great choice to de-stress after a hard day's work.

Radisson Blu Hotel
Its prime location on the Arabian Gulf beach, as well as an indoor and outdoor swimming pool make this hotel an ideal summer resort in the hot summer heat. All luxurious rooms at the hotel are pleasantly decorated and offer perfect services as well as all possible luxuries. In addition to several other restaurants, guests can enjoy delicious seafood at Al Boom Restaurant. This restaurant is located inside a traditional Kuwaiti boat for an authentic Kuwaiti experience.

Adams Hotel
Located just five minutes from Kuwait Towers, Adams Hotel overlooks magnificent sea and towers. The hotel offers luxurious accommodation suites, each with a kitchenette and seating area. Apart from being one of the best hotels in Kuwait, this hotel has one of the best health clubs in Kuwait. The Old Market is a 15-minute drive away and the Museum of Modern Art is 15 km from the hotel.

Sheraton Kuwait
This luxury hotel is conveniently located just 1.5 km from Kuwait National Museum. The hotel's interiors are very elegant and represent the luxury of authentic Arabic design. The hotel offers many services and facilities including a large outdoor swimming pool and many restaurants.

Millennium Hotel & Convention Centre Kuwait
Millennium Hotel and Convention Center is conveniently located in the Salmiya area in the heart of Kuwait. All rooms at this 18-storey hotel have a breathtaking view of the city. Millennium Hotel is one of Kuwait's newest hotels, best for business trips. The hotel offers the best services and facilities for visitors.Guests can enjoy many different restaurants and the latest gyms.

Colliers International forecasts for the hotel sector in 2018
Kuwait hotels most expensive and most profitable hotels in the region

24 July 2018
$ 254 per night hotel cost is the second most expensive price after Dubai hotels
$ 128 earned by the hotel from room occupancy per night
50% expected occupancy during the current year with an annual growth of 6%

Kuwait's hotels will see a positive performance by the end of this year, Colliers International forecast. The average hotel occupancy rate in Kuwait during 2018 will reach 50%, which is considered an average level compared to occupancy rates in other hotels in the region during the same period.

The average price per room per night is $ 254, which is the second most expensive nightly hotel in the region, led by Dubai, by a large margin, with Colliers International forecasting a $ 438 per night occupancy rate of 78 per cent in 2018. Kuwait's cost per night is equal to the second level of Dubai and Jeddah and slightly above the $ 212 average for Abu Dhabi.

Despite the high cost per night, the average profit for hotels in Kuwait is among the highest in the region. The average net profit per hotel during the current year is $ 128 per room, which is 6% more than the average profit last year. Arrived at $ 121 per hotel room per night.

A harsh summer

The report pointed out that Kuwait hotels suffer severely from the three summer months between June and August each year, which pressures hard on the levels of prices and occupancy in Kuwaiti hotels due to the very high temperature during that period of the year.

The report predicted that hotel occupancy rates would fall to 41% during the summer of this year, pushing hotels to reduce their prices and some of their services up to $ 199 per room per night. Earnings from the hotel room overnight at Kuwait hotels, according to Colliers International, have fallen to $ 82, although the decline comes in at a 5% annual rate compared to last year's profitability levels.

Earlier this month, Ernst & Young reported a remarkable improvement in the Kuwaiti hotel sector in terms of annual performance improvement, compared to the rest of the region in April, with hotel occupancy reaching 69.5%. 2.5% compared to 67% during the same period last year.

According to the Ernst & Young report, the sector maintained an average room rate of $ 203 per night, up 0.3 percent from April's $ 202 a night, a difference of just $ 1. The report showed an improvement in the average return per room to $ 141, an annual growth of 4.1% compared to $ 135 per room in April last year.